Fly Tricks 6: The Chironomid Fly

In this, our last episode of Season 1, Mikey teaches Cortney how to make a chironomid fly.

This fly imitates a chroni pupa as it starts to make its slow wiggle to the surface, because that’s when they are most vulnerable to fish. And trust me, fish love to go for them!

Fly Tricks 5: The Micro Leech Fly

In this episode, Mikey teaches Cortney how to make a micro leech fly. And Cortney reveals the secret to picking up girls in the bar! Also, she continues to have problems with whip finishes…

Fly Tricks 4: The Tom Thumb Fly

Welcome to Episode 4 of Fly Tricks!
In this episode, Michael teaches Cortney how to tie a classic BC fly, the Tom Thumb.
Plus… how to save an errant whip finish!

Meet Fly Fishing Legend Stuart Foxall

Stuart Foxall has been fly tying and fly fishing for over 40 years and has fished in many of the U.K.’s rivers as well as Norway, Argentina, Canada, and USA. We had a chance to ask Stuart about his fishy life.

Fly Tricks 2: The Sculpin Fly

In this episode, Mikey teaches Cortney how to tie a sculpin fly. And Cortney explains the hazards of being a blonde, and how Caesars can fix anything.

Fly Tricks 1: The Alevin Fly

Welcome to the first episode of Fly Tricks: Where Beginners Learn to Tie Flies with fly-tying guide extraordinaire, Michael Orlowski and his apprentice, Cortney Brown. In this episode, Mikey teaches Cortney how to tie an alevin fly.

Fly Tricks: Where Beginners Learn to Tie Flies

We’ve been brewing up a new project at Trout CountryFishing Guides, and we’re calling it Fly Tricks: Where Beginners Learn to Tie Flies. We’ll share an instructional fly tying video each month and help you fill your fly box with flies that work for different times of the season. You don’t have to be a beginner…

The Bear Necessities

Spring has sprung in the Sea to Sky corridor and we are ready to get out there and embrace all that it has to offer. Although it’s a time of great adventure and exploration, there are a few things to be aware of while out in the bush this beautiful season, and at the top of that list…

Winter Fishing is Hotter Than You Think

Winter fishing in Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton. Fish rivers and streams for rainbow, bull and cutthroat trout or relax on the ice surrounded by family and friends angling for rainbow trout and kokanee.

GoFest 2017 Women’s Only Fishing Trip

Whistler GoFest is back for another round! There is so much to do in Whistler during the shoulder season and GoFest is here to give you a taste of the sweetest activities you can do in Whistler. From family friendly fun to daring adventures, art workshops and even sports clinics, you can dive into a…