Winter Fishing is Hotter Than You Think

Ladies and gentleman, if you think the only days to go fishing are those sweet sunny summer ones, you are missing out. Some of the best fishing I’ve ever had I was surrounded by snow and ice. It really just comes down to the gear. You can be warm anywhere if you have the right clothes on. The key here is to not let the weather stop you. So if you are looking for an off mountain activity in Whistler, one that will get you away from the crowds and on to the rugged coastal BC rivers. This is the activity for you.

The best winter fly fishing trips start on the river and end on the ice. Take a look…


If that doesn’t kick your fishing habit into high gear maybe you are looking for something a little more sheltered. Check out our truly Canadian ice fishing tours. Hang out on the ice with your friends and family, drinking hot coco, building a few snowmen and enticing fish to bite. This trip is most excellent for families, even the little ones can get into it.


Ice fishing in Whistler, British Columbia


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